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Nunevit Eye Center is

promise to become a light of your eyes

Nunevit Eye Center located on 14th floor of Busan Lotte Hotel, Seomyon Medical Street, main district of medical industry of Busan, is providing lights to many customers’ eyes to be commensurated on their slogan ‘Light For Your Eyes.’

Nunevit Eye Center which have gorgeous indoor cafeteria provides high-end interior and service as a result of conjugation with relaxation and medical treatment.

Nunevit Eye Center which forged special centers classified by treatment such as LASIK & LASEK, phakic IOL implantation, presbyopia, cataract, keratoconic cornea, children opthalmology provides one-stop medical service from examination to treatment and surgery.

There are many eye clinics able to perform LASIK and LASEK surgery. However, eye clinics which constantly make great efforts to do safer eyesight correction surgery like recruiting skillful medical doctors, introducing high tech equipments that can search side affects in advance are relatively rare. Nunevit Eye Center recommends best fitting surgery to each customer through performing complete medical exams which counts over fifty and redundancy check.

In addition, Nunevit is performing ReLEx smile LASIK which has grafted stem cell technology for customers seeking for the safest visual correction surgery available.

Surgeon’s competence level and experience is more important than the latest equipments. Medical team of Nunevit Eye Center has achieved recognition for rich surgical experience and outstanding surgical technique. Dr. Park Hyo Soon, the chief surgeon of Nunevit Eye Center, and his clinic have selected for each of ‘2013 The World Best ArtiLens Surgeon’ and ‘2013 The Best ArtiLens Implanting Center.' Dr. Park Hyo Soon has also received credits for his performance worldwidely after presentation about phakic intraocular surgery in 2014 ESCRS (European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons) with title of ‘New approach to ACD indication in ArtiLens implantation.’

Nunevit Eye Center is the sole eye clinic in Busan able to perform all those newly developed surgeries such as ReLEx Smile LASIK, Opti LASIK, ArtiLens Implanting surgery, and Visu Amaris.

Now, please enjoy the world-class medical service at the Nunevit Eye Center jumping to be the first rank eye clinic in Asia.

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Business hours

Mon - Fri : 10am - 7pm

Sat: 10am - 2pm

Lunch : 1pm ~ 2:30pm

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